Minggu, 16 November 2014

Learning methods discussion

Discussion method or so-called consultation is a method used to solve decision-making masalaha sake. Application of the method of discussion is possible for all subjects. On this occasion will discuss the learning that is applied in the discussion of religious subjects. The few things that need to be prepared teachers must include the provision tugat really obvious point that the goal can be achieved with good. In order to avoid chaos teacher should be able to be the organizer. In order to be effective learning activities, should the number of students in a group is not too much. This is to minimize the crowds and commotion in the classroom.

It's good to be returned to the student leaders so that they themselves would choose. Keep all students have the opportunity to speak. By this method will train students to learn to be patient to listen to other people's opinions expressed. It's good to see to it that does not appear kelompokisme attitude. Before the discussion begins, prepare a few things that are needed as all the required data source must already exist, either in the school environment or that are outside of school. For material or issues to be raised during the discussion it is better taken from the textbook, the existing problems in the neighborhood, and newspapers.

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